Conquer Your Bullshit with C.P.R.

  • Stand out from the crowd.
  • Have your message cut through the noise.
  • Rise up and create an impact
  • Become a true influencer.

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What are you waiting for?

Are you struggling to stand out?

Do you want to make a real impact and change the world?

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In order to bring your mission to the masses, you must get out of your own damn way. And C.P.R. will help you do just that.

Courage separates you from your bullshit by challenging you to rise above it. This is about taking courageous action, despite what your inner-critic is telling you.

Persistence is the fuel you need to get to your end goal. When things get tough (which they will)... KEEP GOING.

Resilience is your bounce-back factor; it’s your ability to rise back up after failure or fuck-ups.

Take C.P.R, a FREE training series that will show you how to become an influencer.

The world NEEDS more leaders to rise up, stand-out, and create massive meaningful impact.

But that begins with YOU.

"The Universe has put Ruby in my life for a reason. The free CPR training was incredible. It was informative. To the point. And validating. It allowed for me to bust through some core self limiting beliefs, and take action. In fact, it gave me the courage to take immediate action - and create a plan - in that one area of my life I have held fear and self doubt around. She has given me the courage to speak unapologetically. Stand in my truth. And share it with the world. To become a true thought leader. I am emerging into the best version of Alexis Nicole, and I would recommend the CPR training if you feel stuck, unsure, or stagnant. Ruby is changing lives you guys. Get on board."

Alexis Nicole